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1998-2001 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Goldsmiths College
1997-1998 BTEC Foundation in Art and Design, Middlesex University
1986-1989 BSc (Hons) Economics & Geography, University College London


Solo Exhibitions

2020.02 diary, tadpole-lab, Tokyo, Japan
2019.02 between the lines, tadpole-lab, Tokyo, Japan
2017.02/03 crossroad, tadpole-lab, Tokyo, Japan
2016.02 Still | Move, Kosmos Lane Studio & Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2013.06 floating world - part 2, Kingsgate Project Space, London, UK
2013.06 floating world - part 1, Kingsgate Project Space, London, UK
2009.10/11 multiplicity, Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK
2007.04/05 moving still, Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK
2006.02/03 UK 06. Gallery AO, Kobe, Japan
2006.02 UK 06, Kaede Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2006.01 UK 06, Gallery Suzuki, Kyoto, Japan
1998.07 Forever Changing, Whitestone Pond, London, UK
1997.09 True Natural Beauty, Daiwa Foundation, London, UK

Other Exhibitions

2018.12~2019.01 Pacific Breeze, White Conduit Projects, London, UK
2018.10~11 Visions in the Nunnery P | 2, Nunnery Gallery, London, UK
2018.03 ima, tadpole-lab, Tokyo, Japan (also curated)
2017.09 Piece of Japan, White Conduit Projects, London, UK
2017.07 Half Hundred Swing Show, Gallery AO, Kobe, Japan
2016.03 Dialogue with Fukushima '16, Kosmos Lane Studio & Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2015.11 umwelt, Darwin Room, Tokyo, Japan
2015.09/10 absolute now, Atsukobarouh, Tokyo, Japan (also curated)
2013.07 floating world - part 3, with Stefano W. Pasquini, Kingsgate Project Space, London, UK
2013.07 General title given by myself: SE Barnet, Five Years, London, UK
2012.07 No Now!, Space Station 65, London, UK
2012.01 Fig.4: Time Capsules and Conditions of Now, David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK
2011.11 Transpirings, Kingsgate Project Space, London, UK
2011.06 LUNĂ„ Table Discussion (performance with Vision Forum London), Spike Island, Bristol, UK
2011.05~06 Transit, Text Festival, Bury, UK
2010.11 Curioser and curioser, The Old Vic Tunnels, London, UK
2010.03 daumenkino-thumbcinema, bookartbookshop, London, UK
2010.01 A Global Perspectives: Art 2010 Annual Preview Exhibition, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2009.06~11 Works on Paper, A Global Perspective, NY Arts Venice Pavilion, Venice, Italy
2008.07 Drawings, Peacock Projects, London, UK
2006.12 Comment? 1, Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK (also co-curated)
2005.04/05 Illumination, Fordham, London, UK (also curated)
2004.12 Masters Mystery Arts Show, Art Basel, Miami, USA
2004.08 Helsinki in the Park, Arts Pavilion, Mile End Park, London, UK
2004.03 La Vacanza, Alanda Arte Contemporanea, Carrara, Italy
2003.10 Glue Rooms, Amersham Arms, New Cross, London, UK
2003.05 Days of Art and Love, Odense, Denmark
2003.04 Contingent, City Radio Cars, London, UK
2002.07 Yourself - Autoritratto, Sesto Senso, Bologna, Italy
2002.02/03 Undertow, Crucifix Lane, London, UK (also curated)
2002.01 Undertow@agnes b., agnes b. shops, London , UK
2001.09 Politics & Justice, Spazio EDGE, Modena, Italy
2001.08 Seriously... Photography 3, The Collection, London, UK
2001.06 Suk, Sesto Senso, Bologna, Italy
2001.03/04 Hit & Run UK, Old Seager Distillery, London, UK
2000.07 Agglutinate of Pleasures 4, 291 Gallery, London, UK
2000.06 extrasensory 2, 291 Gallery, London , UK
2000.06 Agglutinate of Pleasures 3, 291 Gallery, London, UK
1999.09 Transformations Festival, Bullet Space, New York, USA
1999.09 Portobello Film Festival 1999, London, UK
1998.10 Dutch Pot, Subterania, London, UK
1998.08 Portobello Film Festival 1998, London, UK

Selected Press/Bibliography

2017.04 Divergence from Reality
by Masashi Ogura, Gekkan Gallery, Issue No.384, Japan
2012.01 Time Capsule and Conditions of Now
Contributor, Published by Vision Forum London, UK
2010.11 Joining the Dots, Artesian, No.3
Contributor, Published by Go Together Press, UK
2008.09 PILOT: ‘questions book no.3’
Contributor, Published by PILOT, UK
2006.03 Letter from Gallery Suzuki: World of contemporary art - Kaz
by Haruki Nagano, Ranjo, Issue No.21, Japan
2006.01 Review of UK 06
by Hiroshi Otagaki, Kyoto Shimbun, Japan
2006.01 UK 06, catalogue
by Rikke Hansen
2005.04 Preview of Illumination                            
by Hephzibah Anderson, Metro News (Evening Standard), UK
2005.04 Illumination, catalogue
Trac[k]ing the Thresholds: Dichotomies of Self & Other/Light & Dark
by Roy Exley
2001.08 Review of Seriously Photography                            
by Mark Currah, Time Out
2001 Overcoming the Complex                            
by Stefano Pasquini, Collezioni EDGE, Italy
2001.06 Catatonic London                            
by Stefano Pasquini, NY Arts, Vol.6 No.6, USA
2001.05 Review of Hit & Run UK                            
by Len Horsey, a-n magazine, UK
2000.10 The Artist as a Nomad
by Stefano Pasquini, NY Arts, Vol.5 No.10, USA
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